Unleash the power of mobile devices and rapidly build
the most advanced IoT-enabled Telematics Solutions

Are you an Integrator? A Telematics Provider? Does your company plan to develop
a customized telematics solution?

EveryGate allows you to transform any Smartphone, Tablet or PC Stick into a high end telematics platform that connects everything to the Cloud.

IoT-enabled Fleet and Mobile Workforce Telematics

Be among the leaders offering the new generation of telematics services, combining the classic fleet management with the mobile workforce management and IoT. EveryGate uses a patented technology enabling the driver’s smartphone to acquire in real-time up to 160 vehicle parameters and forward them directly to your own cloud application. It also communicates with any type of Bluetooth Smart beacon to support per-asset monitoring.

Intelligent Retail and Accomodation

Start offering your own unique services helping shopping malls, retail stores and hotel resorts offer compelling shopping and accomodation experiences to their customers. Currently, child monitoring, indoor navigation, contextualized promotions and customer traffic analytics are among the best selling IoT services you can easily build with EveryGate.

Home Security and Automation

According to NextMarket forecasts, the DIY self-installed home security solutions will account for $1.5 billion in equipment and services by 2020. Disrupt the industry by building your own unique security services based on commodity hardware; a low-cost smartphone, tablet or a mini TV stick running the EveryGate App plus iBeacons are all you need to efficiently monitor the doors, windows and any other asset of a building.


Kickstart your Telematics Project today

Get any Android 4.3+ device, go to the Google Play store and download the EveryGate App. Once installed, EveryGate will transform your device into a high-end telematics platform. Then go to the online EveryGate dashboard and define exactly how your telematics platform should operate; GPS data acquisition and transmission modes, vehicle sensors data filtering criteria, power modes, Bluetooth Smart sensors scanning intervals, etc. Once configured properly, the EveryGate App will automatically start feeding your own cloud application with the real-time data acquired by the mobile device.

Are you satisfied with the application you developed and are now wondering how to scale it? No need to worry. Get hundreds or even thousands of Android 4.3+ mobile devices, install the EveryGate App and go to the EveryGate dashborad. Then, upload the same configuration profile to all the devices, with just one click. You’re done! Now, your own cloud application will automatically start gathering hundreds of sensor parameters from all your mobile devices.



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